Your life is anything but cookie cutter—why would you settle for an investment strategy that is?


The Holben Group doesn’t believe in force-fitting our clients into a limited set of model portfolios. Instead, we create a custom portfolio to help you realize your goals and aspirations. Your plan will take into account all of your assets regardless of where they are held or what type they are. In the end, you will have a comprehensive and holistic plan designed to maximize earnings and minimize worry.




At The Holben Group, we will construct a diver-sified portfolio with broad exposure to various asset classes that are most appropriate for your unique situation. We use a wide range of investible asset classes when building your portfolio, including: individual equities (stocks), ETFs (exchange traded funds), mutual funds and individual bonds (corpo-rate, government and municipal). We source both actively and passively managed mutual funds and, when possible, favor investments with the lowest expenses.


The Holben Group does not maintain custody of the investments we manage on your behalf. Your assets are maintained in an account with a qualified, third-party custodian. We recommend that our clients use Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”) or TD Ameritrade (“TD”), both registered broker-dealers members SIPC. Schwab and TD will hold your assets in a brokerage account and buy and sell securities when we or you instruct them to.



We are a “fee-only” advisor which means we are paid by you, our client, and don’t earn commissions from any of the investments we recommend. Because our allegiance is to you, our client, we provide unbiased advice built to meet your needs. We take great pride in this independence because it allows us to be completely objective as we work to preserve your wealth.